Getting Started


 We offer week day in office services, on site services at the Kalispell and North Valley Head Start, and after school services for school age children.  Most services are individual therapy sessions for the child and his family, but  after school group sessions are available for the school age child working on conversational and social language skills.  Some insurance programs require a referral from your physician prior to attending the first session.  When you call the office to schedule your appointment we can help you determine this. 



Scheduling an
How it Works

The inital evaluation consists of play based activities for the toddlers and looking at picture books, answering questions and following directions in a play based format for  the older children.  Don't be worried if your child is shy, has behavioral issues, or struggles in participating in structured activities.  We make speech and language activities fun, and by the first or second session, they usually can't wait to come back and play some more!

You Have a
Choice of Providers

To schedule an appointment, call our office directly at 406 752-6107 and we will get you scheduled for your first appointment.  You will need to bring a copy of you/your child's insurance or medical card.  At the first appointment, we will usually be doing an evaluation  to determine your child's current speech and language functioning level.










You have a choice of where your child receives speech and language therapy services.  Even if your physician has referred you to another speech and language service provider or facility,  if they are unable to schedule you promptly or you would prefer to have your services at our office, we can make those arrangements for you without any difficulties. Just call our office and we can get your child scheduled for an appointment.

Summer Services
and Supplemental
School Year Services

If your child is receiving speech and language therapy through the schools, but you would like him/her to receive additional services after school, many insurance companies, CHIP, HMK and Medicaid provide coverage for these additional services.  Our office also provides a full complement of summer services for children who have received speech and language through the school district and their parents would like them to continue services through the summer to reduce skill loss and maximize gains.